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What Does Bearish Mean

Bearish definition is - resembling a bear in build or in roughness, gruffness, or surliness. can you convert bitcoin to paypal What does bearish mean? Bulls think the what does bearish mean markets will go up. But, it will come with risk if the shares’ value does not rebound. 'Bearish' and 'bullish' can describe an individual opinion or a general market trend. A market in a long-term uptrend is called a bull market. Bears think the market will go down. What is "Bearish"?

To put it plainly, Bears think things are going to get worse (i.e. Just like with bullish opinions, a person may hold bearish beliefs about a specific company or about a broad range of assets Definition of bearish in the Definitions.net dictionary. will soon go down is said to be. December 31, 2018 / Bear Market Stock Market Training / By Angel ; Bullish vs Bearish are the driving forces of the markets. We had a strong bull market for 11 years. As with a bullish investor, investors can be bearish about either what does bearish mean the market as a whole or individual stocks long term trend trading forex or specific sectors.


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