Foodgital Membership


Foodgital Membership


The reality of life as a young fellow means constantly being on the go, whether on week days or weekend. Between work hours, extra activities and social events, it can be tricky to find the time to make a meal (let alone eat three square meals a day).

The good news? Now there is an ultimate life hack for all of this!

We are excited to launch Foodies party membership, the new membership plan for young people which include (students, corpers, workers and happy foodie) that unlocks the best of the young professional talent both on week days or weekend, for free!

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How can this benefit you?

Foodies Party Membership

This is the most convenient and wallet-friendly option for young people to get whatever they desire delivered on-demand at their convenience from available vendors on Foodgital.

Foodies Party Membership Benefits

Members can enjoy access to various benefits including:


  • Unlimited 10% off every order applicable to both delivery and pick up.
  • 5% credit back on every order as an associate.
  • Members-only promo and Foodgital exclusive menu items.

The Foodies party membership is eligible for all

With a Foodies party membership life as a young individual can suddenly be a lot more stress free and save people time and money on their favorite meals


Party Membership

With the launch of Foodies party membership, we’re excited to change the game for students, corpers, workers and happy foodie with a plan that’s designed specifically for them and provides access to everything from snacks, drinks and continental dishes

Easy Access

Access to convenient, fast, and affordable ways to get everything you need is key for people on the go


So Much More

Foodgital also launched a foodgital ambassadorship and business associate campaign to collaborate the launch of the Foodies party for students, corpers, workers and happy foodie titled “So Much More”


What Other Foodies Are Saying

Amazing Service

The energy was off the roof & people were in good spirit. Everyone at the venue had fun even with the hiccups people didn't mind they were mingling & networking. Absolutely enjoyed every moment.

- Ifeanyi

Fun Filled

It was so much fun! had the opportunity to chill with friends and strangers at the same time.
the shawarma was amazing, music was top notch and the atmosphere was fun filled! thank you foodgital

- Rebecca

Fast Response

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- Ovusbaba

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How To Sign Up

Free Membership

To sign up for a Foodies party membership and to learn more about eligibility requirements, for first-timers the Foodies party membership is absolutely free

Premium Membership

If you want to save even more, they can choose the premium membership

With something special for our VIP mobile users, your next drink is on us!