Welcome To Foodgital

Foodgital is a platform that connects people with their favorites restaurants, cake vendors, chefs, etc. People can easily explore restaurants, bars, and cafés by locality.

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Our Vision

Foodgital is a virtual kitchen built for African students and food business owners. Our mobile application with a contactless payment integration enables millions of underserved food business owners to scale and grow their business.

What we are

We built a new type of food marketplace: It’s our mission to bring you fast access to your favourite food, whether you choose to pick it up or you want it delivered right to your door.

As people get busy with their day to day activities, we offer them what they need to access their favourite food easily everywhere they go with a fast payment channel, to make their lives easier.

And also for vendors that cannot get online orders and struggle with delivery, Foodgital covers that unmet needs to help them thrive at a very low cost.

Our values


In a fast-paced world that we are in now, it is always important to know what not to focus on. Making it easy for foodies to eat like a king is our top priority


Direct Feedback

We value feedbacks from customers that would help us serve them better and grow together.

Growth Mindset

Growth is at the core of our values, our ability to grow and learn from situations has been able to create an environment that fosters personal and professional development.

Young and Vibrant

We area a team of young, dynamic, vibrant and experienced professionals, we work together with dedication to master the biggest challenges.

Ready for a new challenge?

At Foodgital, you’ll have the job of your life while working together towards our shared vision to give everyone fast and easy access to food everywhere they go, at their convenience.

We welcome smart, top performers and ambitious team members that will bring new ideas, diverse perspectives, and provide you the freedom to grow and make a real impact on millions of lives all while having fun!

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